Pricing & Policies


In order to attend an event (Camps, Skills Clinics, Parent’s Night Out, or Cartwheels and Creations) you must register online prior to arrival. If you register the day of the event there will be an additional $5.00 charge. Cancellations will be permitted as long as they are done at least 48 hours in advance. Cancellations after 24 hours will be responsible for 50% of the cost of the event. No call/no shows will be charged the full amount.

Tuition and Insurance

There is an annual fee of $35.00 for insurance, which applies to all students. The insurance fee covers your child for all Power and Grace events and is due on your anniversary month. Families with multiple children pay only $25.00 for each additional child. Once the insurance fee has been paid, families can participate in any event during the year without a long-term commitment. Our classes run on a monthly schedule and tuition must be paid the first week of the month. Tuition is prorated for families that come in the middle of a month. The classes are $76 a month ($19 a class). Tuition is not prorated for Holiday closings, inclement weather closings, or facility improvement closings. Instead we offer unlimited make ups and free open gyms to compensate for any absences your family might have across the board. In addition we do not charge more if your class happens to have 5 classes in a month instead of 4.

Make Ups

Students have unlimited make-ups! Attendance is taken every class and recorded in the computer. Make-ups must be redemed while your child is enrolled in class and within a 3 month period. Make-ups are scheduled at the front desk. Since we have unlimited make ups scheduling can be difficult. If you schedule a make up and do not show up it still counts as one of your make ups.

Make ups do not count towards your tuition. They are to be used in addition to the class that you are currently enrolled in.

Late Fees

All tuition is due by the 10th of the month, unless prior communication has taken place. The tuition late fee is an additional $10.00.

Drop Procedures

If you decide to drop from a class, ¬†please send an email by the 25th of the month to informing us that your child is dropping the class. This will give us plenty of time to fill the spot with people who are on the waiting list. Once your child has been dropped from a class, their spot will go to the next person. If you forget to inform P&G that you are dropping and we run your card there will be a $10.00 processing fee to refund the money.¬†And remember, even if you are no longer enrolled in a class, you are welcome to attend any of our special events when they are scheduled. This includes Parent’s Night Out, Camps, Skills Clinics, Cartwheels and Creations, and open gym times.