Open Gym

Preschool Open Gym is a chance for you to bring your kids under five to a climate controlled and padded environment where they can explore and develop their fine motor skills. As well as learn how to interact and share with other kids their age.

Saturday Open Gym : 12:30pm-1:15pm (Open to all ages)
Price: $10.00 per child (for participants who are not currently enrolled in a class)
Price: $5.00 per child (for participant who are currently enrolled in class)

Thursday Preschool Open Gym: 10:00am-11:00am
Price: $5.00 per child

Enrolled Students Frequent Flipper Cards: $20.00 for 5 visits
Non-enrolled Students Frequent Flipper Cards: $40.00 for 5 visits

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What is the difference between Open Gym and Parent and Me?

Open gym is a non structured setting where the child engages in free play and is able to explore and interact with others on their own terms.
Parent and Me is lead by an instructor and is a more structured environment with various stations and different types of organized games and activities.