Skills Clinics

Skill Clinics may be scheduled at any time, depending on needs, and are designed to allow the student to intensely focus on perfecting a specific skill. Since the weekly classes cover a variety of skills, the focused nature of the Skill Clinics can help a student progress more quickly, and gain more confidence in a particular area. There will be no more than 10 kids per a session. Clinics are ideal for older kiddos who are trying out for a dance, cheer or gymnastics team.

The structure of the clinics will be as follows:
5-10 minute warm-up that includes individual stretching and introductions, followed by 40-70 minutes (depending on the clinic) of focused training on the specific skill of the clinic.

Some example clinics are:

  • back-handspring clinic
  • cartwheel clinic
  • standing back tucks clinic
  • all things flipping forward clinic
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Clinics are open to everyone, you do not have to be registered in a class to participate; however, your annual insurance fee of $35 must be current. Each clinic will vary in cost, depending on the length and skill level.

When a clinic is scheduled, it will be posted on the Home Page “Posts”, and will appear on the Events Calendar.
To register for a clinic, return to this page and click the “Click Here” button above to be directed to the Events Calendar. Find the scheduled date, and click on the Clinic name to register.