All our dance classes are 50 minutes long. During this time the dancers are moving and grooving while learning the fundamentals of dance, the importance of exercise and of course the character word of the week! Similar to our gymnastics curriculum, our dance is structured to incorporate cardio, stretching and strength and a focus on a specific dance skill. The structure of class will go as follows:

10 Minutes of Warm Up
A fun dancing game that gets the kid’s heart rate going.
10 Minutes of Strength and Stretching
During this time the students will focus on the correct technique for stretching and strength building.
30 Minutes of a Lesson
Students will spend the last 30 minutes focusing on learning all the specifics of dance from the fundamentals to the refined technique of world class dancers.

Prices for dance classes are $52.00 a month.
Annual Registration Fee: $35 (per family)

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