All our gymnastics classes are 50 minutes of intense and fun exercises With two PE teachers writing the curriculum the class is structured to keep your child moving and avoid teaching the same thing every week.

The structure of the class will go as follows:

5 Minutes of Warm Up
Tagging and running games to get the heart pumping
15 Minutes on Circuit 1 (Floor/Tumble Track)
This time will be used to teach good technique on basic stretches and exercises that they can do at home.
15 Minutes on Circuit 2 (Bars)
This will consist of four to six gymnastics specific stations
15 Minutes on Circuit 3 (Beam)
This will consist of an additional five to six gymnastics specific stations.

Each class will focus on one specific gymnastics skill. For example; the straddle position, straight arms, or pointed toes. In addition to the focused skill, the entire Power and Grace facility will focus on a character word for the week, such as; Integrity, courage, or patience.

Prices for gymnastics classes are $76.00 a month.
Annual Registration Fee: $35 (per family)

Starting August 21, 2017 ALL classes will start on the hour!

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