Tumble & Tramp

All our tumble and tramp classes are 50 minutes long and require the kids to be up and active the entire time! They are also catered to our older children (11-16) who might be training for a cheerleading or dance team at their middle or high school. The structure of class will go as follows:

Warm Up for 10 minutes
Tagging games to get the heart pumping
Stretching and Strength for 10 minutes
Students will focus on the correct technique for a variety of stretches.
Tumbling for 15 minutes
Students will participate in various tumbling drills on the floor to improve their skill level.
Tumble Track for 15 minutes
Students will use the tumble track to train new and future skills on a soft bouncy surface.

Each class will focus on each individual student and allow them to work on the specific skills they need in order to meet their individual goals.

Prices for Tumble and Tramp classes are $76.00 a month

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